Hello! We are Steve and Cheryl Meier, the husband-wife team behind Woodberry Carpentry!

Steve and Cheryl

We started Woodberry Carpentry in 2009 when we moved into our beloved Fixer Upper on Woodberry Ct. After a complete renovation of the property, 100% DIY, we started doing projects for friends, neighbors, and family … fast forward to today, over 10 years later, we have done pretty much anything and everything home repair/renovation as well as fun and creative woodworking projects.

When your job is too big for DIY, but too small for a contractor … give us a call. This is pretty much our specialty. It’s those in-between jobs that we love. It’s those jobs that you see DIY tutorials for online, but know it’s way out of your skill set to accomplish. It’s the jobs that contractors tell you are too small of a project for them. It’s where you feel stuck – you want to have this in your home, but don’t know how to get it done. That’s when you need to hire us!


We are Woodberry Carpentry, LLC. We are licensed in the state of Georgia to do business under what’s listed as “Finish Carpentry Limited Service Specialty Contractor”.
What does this mean exactly? If you are interested in having us do work for you, it means that we are not licensed to do work as a Residential General Contractor. Full remodels that require pulling permits or repairs and renovations that require structural changes and code inspections are not within our legal ability to perform. You would need to hire a licensed Residential Contractor to perform this work for you.
We are able to do work to your home as long as it is under $2500 and doesn’t require us to pull a permit for you. This covers most small carpentry related jobs that a General Contractor will tell you is too small of a job for them … and that is where we come in! We bridge that gap between the DIY job and one that is more suited to a General Contractor. If you aren’t sure where your project fits in, we’d be happy to discuss it and give you our most professional opinion.
We are able to work on your home under a licensed General Contractor. If you would like to for us to do the finish carpentry work on your project and have already hired a General Contractor, let them know you would like for them to subcontract us to perform the finish carpentry work! This is within the legal specifications listed in the state of Georgia’s “Finish Carpentry Limited Service Specialty Contractor” guidelines. In this scenario, we are working under the license of the General Contractor in which you have hired to complete your project.


We are a husband-wife team that strives for the best quality in all the work that we perform. Therefore, when you hire us, you get us to work on your project. We do not send a team of workers you have never met to work on your project. If you are not satisfied with the work that we perform, we will work on it until you are satisfied! We guarantee you will get the best when you work with us.