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This project is an almost full bathroom renovation, which included many parts, including a lot of great carpentry projects!

Bathroom Renovation

This bathroom started out very blue … literally. Complete with white laminate counters and a heavy vanity. It was begging for a renovation.

Bathroom Reno Before 1
Bathroom Reno Before 2

The goal was farmhouse/industrial … and the result is amazing!

Bathroom Renovation After

The first thing that was done was replacing the window. Once the new window was installed, we trimmed it all out and painted it a smooth eggshell white.

Bathroom Window

The original bathroom had a double vanity, which is normally the ideal for most homeowners. However, in this particular bathroom, the one sink ended up being a basin for the hairdryer and curling irons. It was right next to the outlet without any counterspace on that side, so there was really no place for them. The solution was to create a centralized vanity for the plumbing on the left side, and then a countertop niche for the curling iron, hairdyer, or other bathroom supplies on the right side.

The vanity was inspired by Pottery Barn’s Benchwright vanity. Since the dimensions of that vanity would not work in this space, we built this one from scratch. We first bought a similar countertop from Home Depot and used that for the measurements to build the vanity.

Building the Vanity 1
Building the Vanity 2

Finishing out the details … the X design on the side and adding the slats to the shelving area on the bottom.

Building the Vanity 3

After building out the main part of the vanity, we dry fitted it into the space and took all the measurements for the right side of the unit. The right side would be a little lower than the left so that the main part of the vanity would stand out. This side would also have 3 drawers to hold all the bathroom supplies. Once all of this was built, we finished it up by giving everything a coat of stain and a few coats of polyurethane.

Staining bathroom vanity

Next we installed the vanity. After the tile work was completed and the new light fixtures installed, we framed out the mirror, and built an open industrial style cabinet with a bar to hang the towel from.

Mirror framing and Open shelving

Here is a closeup of the industrial style cabinet/towel rack.

Industrial Cabinet Towel Rack

The mirror surround was stained and we added an inset industrial bolt detail, which resembled the details in the Pottery Barn’s Benchwright vanity.

Mirror Frame

Other details of this renovation included the addition of new fixtures at the sink and the bathtub. We built a simple shelf over the toilet with industrial style piping.

Sink Faucet
Bathtub Fixtures 1
Bathtub Fixtures
Shelf over toilet

Over the tub and shower, we added ceiling beams and trimmed out the ceiling with crown-style moulding.


This bathroom renovation was a lot of work, but it is beautiful! Thanks so much for reading!